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Increase your Wholesale and Retail VoIP Traffic for FREE!

Have you ever wondered how wholesale VoIP providers find their matching routes? It's easy to understand: there is no way but some messy forum, skype contacts attempts, and many time wasting to find something to increase VoIP business.

That's why we launched VoIP Matcher for Wholesale and Retail Voice Traffic Providers.

VoIP Matcher helps you to share your routes with other wholesale and retail VoIP traffic providers around the world, automating the search stuff reducing it in a simple and easy to use match system.

Our match system will help you to find routes you need and selling routes you have in an automated, faster way. You just need to create your route list and our match system will do the boring work for you.

Once we find your matches, you will be alerted on site or via email to inform you who are traffic providers who matched your routes. Then you will be able to contact them and set up your business together.

The good news is that price sharing will be private and you can start talking directly with companies about your matched routes. It's easy, isn't it?

Everything is free!

How It Works

Your free tool for Wholesale VoIP Traffic:
a social platform to stay always in business

VoIP Matcher is completely free, it will help you to:

Locate Wholesale and Retail VoIP Traffic Providers based on your Push Lists

Locate Wholesale and Retail VoIP Traffic Providers based on your Target Lists

Connect with other companies on VoIP business

Be notified about new routes everytime

Get updates from people you follow

Customize your profile page and let see it only by people you want



Create Your Social Profile

Fill in your company informations and share it with other people



Post your Routes easily

Post your routes and wait for matches, you will be notified via our notification system based on email and sitewide notifications.

You will not miss a single match


Enjoy our VoIP Traffic Providers Matching System

Stay up to date and see what other companies are offering or looking